Olla hair color foam

Olla hair color foam is the ultimate hair product if you want to cover gray spots, outgrows or to simply refresh your hair color. The cream combines the latest color trends with gentle formula that nourishes your hair.

Powerful and strong formula

Olla provides quick cover-up and leaves your hair soft and shiny. It includes moisturizing aloe vera, along with colors derived from walnut shells, rhubarb, and others.

What is it?

The smell is pleasant, because Olla’s formula is enriched with natural extracts and fruity fragrances, which makes it very enjoyable to use.

The best part?

This hair product provides vibrant color without harsh ingredients and gets rid of uneven tones and greys in a flash.

Gray coverage

Our hair dye effectively covers gray hairs, evens out the hair color and leaves the hair with a radiant color. There are no yellow tones and shadows and no grays in sight after using Olla color.

Price: €13.99


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  • hair colo foam
  • Gentle formula
  • Gray hair coverage
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